What is Sigrelandia?

Sigrelandia is an educational resource, available in English and Spanish, meant to raise public awareness about a responsible use of medicines, both under sanitary and environmental points of view.

After selecting a character and a way of transport you will be able to move around this virtual city and visit the different scenarios, where you will be shown the medicines life cycle: a laboratory, a health center, a pharmacy, a home and a recycling plant.

In Sigrelandia, you will receive pieces of advice from different professionals on how to use medicines in a proper way and how to recycle correctly through the Punto SIGRE the left over medicines and their packaging that we have in our homes, as well as learning essential environmental and sanitary habits to take care of nature.

And all of it with games, that will let you learn in a simple and fun way the importance of taking care of the environment and our health.


An educational resource addressed to Primary and Secondary School students.

In this page you will get to know what is Sigrelandia: a web to learn about the medicines life cycle, how to use medicaments responsibly and how to recycle leftovers and their packaging at the Punto SIGRE.