Sigrelandia is composed of 5 scenarios: a laboratory, a health center, a pharmacy, a home and a recycling plant. You can visit each one of them without following any given sequence. You just have to click with your mouse on the desired destination to head your avatar towards it.

In each of the scenarios, a character will explain to you a certain feature regarding the life cycle of medicines and the right way to recycle left over medicines and their packaging.

After the explanation, each one of the scenarios includes a game, being necessary for you to show your skills and intelligence in order to complete it successfully.

Word Search

Find these words: blister; sachet; capsule; medicine and syrup.

To select a word, you must click on its first and last letter.

Pay attention and do your best. You have to complete the game before time runs over.

Find your pair

Find the pairs by clicking on the cards. Hurry up because you must find all the pairs before time is over.

Knock down the blocks

Move the lower platform and use the ball to knock down the blocks. You have 3 balls to achieve this purpose.

For each SIGRE logo you catch with the platform, 2 additional balls will show up into the play.

Recycle at the Punto SIGRE

Move the Punto SIGRE with your mouse and place inside left over medicines and their packaging for correct recycling. You should obtain at least 10 points.

Not all the falling items should be placed inside the Punto SIGRE. Remember: syringes, glasses, batteries, thermometers and radiographies should never be brought to the Punto SIGRE. And in this game they subtract points!


Click and drag any puzzle square to move it. You can switch its position only with one next to it.

Complete the challenge before time runs over.


Once you have completed all the games, you may print your SUPER SIGRE DIPLOMA, which certifies you are an expert in taking care of the environment.